Health News: August 31, 2017

Hi everyone!!

Thank you for periodically checking this website for news. Without any delay, we want to share some very exciting news: Clara’s condition has shown signs of improvement! For a couple of months now, Clara has been on a new hormonal therapy. We have learned from a recent appointment with her oncologist that her cancer growth has slowed down. This is significant because the therapy will increase her life expectancy and maintain a better quality of life.

However here is the bad news, Clara has been struggling with severe pressure around her abdomen. She describes this feeling as something heavy laying on her stomach. This symptom is causing her discomfort, insomnia, and limits her ability to move around too much. The doctors are still trying to diagnose the cause of this symptom. We hope that a solution can be found to help her with this condition.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and donations. Clara and our family appreciate your sincerity and generosity.

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